Need Some Help

Hello everyone! I hope you all have had an uneventful Friday the 13th . I’ve been SLOWLY but surely cleaning up my scrap desk and at the bottom of one pile I found this resin charm that I made two years ago. I’ve wanted to make it into a necklace since it was dry enough to touch, but never got around to it.


Tonight is the night though, but I need some help deciding on the finished product and who better to ask but my friends!!

#1 has a clear faceted tear drop:


And #2 has  a pearl teardrop:


They are both really pretty, but I just can’t decide. Please help!!


Do you vote for necklace #1    or    necklace #2


Let me know!!


2015 Secret Santa Gift

Here is another 2015 Christmas gift catch-up post. We had a secret Santa gift exchange at work this year during our Christmas party. The coworker I picked likes jewelry so I put my thinking cap on and came up with this pretty resin and bead necklace.


Once again I dug out my EnviroTex Jewelry Resin, Iced Enamels German Glass Glitter, a small touch of Shattered Inclusions in Opal and silver and teal colored beads. I just love how this glass glitter catches the light with every movement.


Such a pretty necklace needed an equally nice gift box, of which I did not have. So what’s a crafter to do?? She makes her own!!


To make the gift box and necklace card I used one sheet of silver, white, and black card stock along with the We are Memory Keepers envelope punch board and corner chompers. I then used a piece of white ribbon to tie it all closed.


Keep an eye open for the measurements and instructions for this gift box and as well as a taller one coming soon.

As always, thank you for visiting the craft room!

Large Jumpring Resin Pendant

In a previous post I showed a pendant I made with a large jump ring. I really like it, but wondered if I could glue two of the rings together to make a thicker pendant, and it worked!!

These are the rings that I used, they come in a variety of sizes, but they are made from a thick gauge wire.


I used a bit of super glue to adhere two of the larger rings together and then put them on a piece of heavy packing tape.


To create the pendant, and because I really didn’t know what direction this would go in, I did two resin pours. The first pour was used to cover the tape and the next pour to cover whatever would be include in the pendant.

I finally decided to dig through my tatting supplies to see if I had a small enough medallion and created this pendant.


One thing you always have to keep in mind when working with resin and porous inclusions is the fact that if you don’t seal the item well, there is a really good chance you will end up with stains. One way to see what might happen with your inclusion is to see what it looks like when wet. I didn’t take the time to seal this medallion and as you can see in the following picture, the color darkened a whole lot. You also can’t really see the seed beads on the picots.  Here is a side by side comparison of the same thread and beads used in a different project.


Even though I paid super close attention to getting rid of the bubble after the second resin pour, I still ended up with a TON of baby bubbles in this pendant. The strange thing though, I didn’t even notice them until I saw this picture.


To finish off the pendant all I need to do is drill a small hole with my dremil tool and add a small jumpring.


Working with Resin

I have been having a lot of fun working with resin and wanted to share my latest batch of pendants. While there are tons of different resin products available, I am using EnviroTex Jewelry Resin.


There are very specific instructions for every brand of resin and they should be followed precisely. For this brand of EnviroTex resin we will need equal parts of resin and hardener. They recommend using a pen to mark your measuring cup which is what I’ve done here.


Before we begin, the resin and hardener needs to be warmed a bit in hot tap water for 5 minutes. Then you add the resin to the first mark and then adding the hardener to the second mark. Use one of the provided stir sticks and mix for a total of 2 minutes. After that time, transfer the resin to a second measuring cup and mix with a new stir stick for 1 minute longer, then you are ready to begin.

When I made the resin pendants for Christmas, I started by adding some resin to the bottom of the pendant and then adding the inclusions. This time around I began by gluing the glass glitter to the bottom of the bezels.


With the bottle cap design I also added pearls, but rather than gluing them individually, I took a tip from online and strung them on a piece of string. This makes adding the beads so much easier than gluing them in one at a time.

When the glue was dry and it was time to begin, I added the resin with the help of the stir stick, adding a bit at a time so as not to have an overflow. After filling each bezel with resin, it is vital to remove any air bubbles to are produced. You can do this is a few different ways, but what I chose to do was to VERY carefully use a straw to blow across the surface of the resin. It is Vital that you DO NOT inhale through the straw, only gently exhale.



Once the bubbles have been removed, you will need to cover your items to keep dust off of them until they are dry in about 24 hours. I usually let my pieces sit undisturbed for an additional 12 to 24 hours just to be sure they are completely cured.

Once I get these pieces finished, I’ll add some more photos of them for you, but until then, I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.

Happy Birthday – Resin Paper Flower

Since I was called off work today, I spent a little bit of time crafting. I started with a card base of Pure Luxury heavy base weight cardstock in ivory. The next layer is a piece of kraft cardstock from Recollections, and the sentiment stamp was in a grab bag from StampTV that I’ve had for a few years now.


My favorite part of this card is the flower!! I used two different pieces of resin paper that I made while creating this years Christmas gifts and three different sizes of the Retro Flower punch from EK Success.


The resin paper is super easy to make if not a bit messy, so be prepared! lol When you add resin to paper, it deepens the color of the paper, turn it translucent, and gives it an almost plastic yet still extremely pliable texture to finish product. In the two examples here you can see the difference in the colors. The colors in the bottom sheet are much richer and deeper.


On this sheet of music paper I only had enough left over resin to cover the bottom half. It’s a great example of how resin reacts to paper and why when using it in bezels the paper needs to be well sealed before adding the resin.


The best part of this technique is how easy the paper is to work with even when covered with the resin. I didn’t have any trouble at all using the punches and it cute super easy with even the dullest pair of scissors. It was even super simple to add a little crease in the center of each petal to give the flower some definition.



More Resin Pendants

While working on the Christmas necklaces I had some left over resin so I tried a few other ideas that I had seen online. I wanted to make myself a pendant that was nothing but glitter.


This pretty pendant was done in two layers like the first ones. After adding a small amount of resin to the bezel, I sprinkled in some Iced Enamels German Glass Glitter. This glitter is chunky and bright and made of real glass shards. I added in quite a bit, but if you look real close I could have added even more to fill in all of the corners. After letting it sit undisturbed for 12 hours I came back in and added another layer of resin to finish it off with a nice dome. After 12 more hours it was ready to be worn!

The last pendant was another idea I got from my hours on Pinterest, using an open back bezel. I used an extra large jump ring that I had left over from the necklaces I made the ladies a few years ago.


To create this you first need a piece of super sticky tape. Some examples show using heavy duty masking tape, while others use Duct tape. We only had clear packing tape here at the house so that’s what I used. I really like the packing tape best because as long as you don’t leave any finger prints or have any mar on the surface, your finished piece will come out perfect. The other tapes have a texture to them that will transfer to the back of your project and will need to be sanded smooth or you will have to paint another layer of resin on the back to cover it.

For this pendant, after adding a bit of resin to the inside of the large jump ring, I sprinkled in just a bit of the Glass Glitter and to give it an extra bit of sparkle a light touch of the Shattered Inclusions in the Opal. This particular pendant was extremely difficult to photograph so you really can’t see the sparkle that well.


Thank you once again for visiting.

Resin Pendant Christmas Gifts

For the past several years I’ve made Christmas gifts for all of the ladies in my family and this year was no exception. After an extensive search for something fun and different to try, I settled on making something with resin. There were a few different ideas that I really liked, but I finally settled on making initial pendants for everyone.


For these necklaces I used the following supplies:

  • Envirotex Jewelry Resin
  • Nickel square and round pendant bezels
  • Iced Enamels Shattered Inclusions in Opal
  • Stazon Ink in Jet Black
  • Alphabet stamps
  • And tissue paper


Above is a picture of pendants in two different stages, on the left is the first “pour” so to speak and the right are empty pendants ready to fill. Because of the type of bezel used I had to mount them on a small block of wood to keep them level. To do this I just added a small piece of double sided tape to the back to make sure I didn’t accidentally knock it off the block while working with them.

To begin, I mixed up some of the resin and added a thin layer to the bottom of each bezel. Then I added some of the opal inclusions and let it sit covered and undisturbed for 12 hours. The next afternoon the process started with stamping each initial onto a piece of tissue paper with the StazOn ink and then cutting it to size. I mixed up another batch of resin and added a small amount to each before floating the tissue paper in the bezel. The magic with this process is the tissue paper literally disappears and the stamped image seems to float on top of the inclusions. The final step is to add just enough resin on top to make a nice domed finish.

In the next picture you can see the doming on the two pendants. With a little more practice I’m sure I could get an even higher dome, but for a first try I’m happy with the affect.


And here are all of the pendants, (minus Heidi’s which was already on its way to Florida at the time). I took this picture with my phone so I do apologize for the poor lighting.


The packaging this year was a bit different. With the help of my husband, we found these little take out boxes by Celebrate It. I filled them with some silver and iridescent metallic crinkle fill. I then cut a piece of cardstock to fit inside the box to hold the necklace (as you can see in the first image) and added a tag to the front. Simple, but adorable!


Everyone seemed to love their necklace! Now I think it’s time to start on next years gifts! LOL