Envelope for 3D Cards

I do love creating paper flowers, and seeing some of the most amazing cards online just blows my mind. However the problem remains how do you put a 3D flower in a regular envelope and still have it look pretty when the recipient opens it?????  The answer is simple really, create your own envelope!


The flowers that I have been creating aren’t as thick as some that I’ve seen, so I only need about an extra quarter of an inch, which is what I get with this envelope. For an A5 card, with a finished measurement of 5 ½” x 4 ¼”, start with a piece of card stock 8 ½” x 8 ½”, I used a cream colored card stock by Recollections for this envelope. In my estimation the heavier the card stock the better.

Using the scoring device of your choice, mine is the Martha Stewart score board, score on the diagonal at 2 5/8” and then at 3”. Rotate the square 180 degrees and repeat the scores at 2 5/8” and 3”.


On the next side, score at 3 ¼” and 3 5/8”. Rotate 180 degrees and score again at 3 ¼” and 3 5/8”.


In the following picture, I have highlighted the area where the score lines form a triangle. Using a pair of scissors, remove this triangle on all four sides.


This is what it will look like.


From this point you will notice there are two longer sides that will form the top and bottom flaps. On each of these points, if you like, use a corner rounder to add interest to your envelope. To secure the envelope into shape, you can use either a quick dry wet glue or a strong double sided tape, no wider than a quarter of an inch.

After inserting your beautifully created 3D card, the next problem is securing the flap. My first attempt was to use repositionable tape, but it wasn’t near sticky enough to hold the flap down. What I ended up using were small strips of 1/8” score tape just at the tip of the flap. It was enough to hold it closed, but still easy enough for the recipient to open the envelope.

There are a number of other ways to secure the flap of these envelopes, but I’m curious what ideas you may come up with. Share them in the comments below.



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