Copic Marker App

Everyone who loves Copic Markers can’t own just one, nor can their quest for more end with just a few – oh no – it must be all or nothing I tell you…All or Nothing!


Yuppers, me too, I can admit it, I love my Copic Markers and need/want even more. The only problem is trying to keep track of which markers I already own, and which I want, and need. I have tried many different ways of doing this, including keeping a list in a small notebook. Finally the way that made the most sense was to keep a running list in my personal size Malden Filofax. Since it is always in my purse, I always know what markers I own.


As you can see, I have a running list of the color number, name, and a swipe to see what it looks like. Each color family has a separate page, as well as a separate sheet with some color blends that I want.

This system is all well and good, unless I am attending a scrap book expo when I always carry a smaller purse. It isn’t nearly as heavy, but it is too small for my Filofax. Just recently while looking through Pinterest, I came across an app for the IPhone (and for Android), called Copic Collection. If you have an IPhone, and are a Copic Marker fanatic like I am, this is defiantly the app for you!!

After I added my collection of pens and wants in the app, I snapped a couple of pictures, so what you are going to see are my own images.

The app allows you three different views:

“All” which is the entire collection that Copic offers to date (which are shaded), the pens you own (which are highlighted), and the pens that are on your want list (shown with a star).


You can look at just the pens you own under “Stock”.


Under the “Star” you will see a list of the markers on your want list.


Another fun option will show you the color info, which will show some of the complimentary colors.


As you can see, this app has it all, including the mobility that every crafter needs along with the information that is also always needed.



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