Three Years Later

Way back in November of 2012 Pinterest was filled with glitter ornament posts, the most fascinating to me, glitter ornaments made with Pledge Floor Care with Future Shine.

My first thought on this process was “riiiiiiiiight! If it works, it won’t work for long”. Well, I was wrong! Three years later these same ornaments still look brand new. Before we took the Christmas tree down I snapped a couple of pics to show you just how nicely they have held up.



I always loved this shade of purple, it’s so pretty!


I think the ornament (copper?) above and the gold one below are my favorite colors of the bunch.


There is a bit of sad news however, even though these ornaments are beautiful, they do not react well with hard surfaces.  Ohhh poor red ornament, you just didn’t know you were NOT a ping pong ball. **insert frowny face here** RIP


Here is a link to part 2 of the original post showing how to create the ornaments. Glitter Ornaments Part 2

Also, if you are interested, part 1 explains the process I used to clean out some old ornaments to prep them for the glitter. Glitter Ornaments Part 1




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