Large Jumpring Resin Pendant

In a previous post I showed a pendant I made with a large jump ring. I really like it, but wondered if I could glue two of the rings together to make a thicker pendant, and it worked!!

These are the rings that I used, they come in a variety of sizes, but they are made from a thick gauge wire.


I used a bit of super glue to adhere two of the larger rings together and then put them on a piece of heavy packing tape.


To create the pendant, and because I really didn’t know what direction this would go in, I did two resin pours. The first pour was used to cover the tape and the next pour to cover whatever would be include in the pendant.

I finally decided to dig through my tatting supplies to see if I had a small enough medallion and created this pendant.


One thing you always have to keep in mind when working with resin and porous inclusions is the fact that if you don’t seal the item well, there is a really good chance you will end up with stains. One way to see what might happen with your inclusion is to see what it looks like when wet. I didn’t take the time to seal this medallion and as you can see in the following picture, the color darkened a whole lot. You also can’t really see the seed beads on the picots.  Here is a side by side comparison of the same thread and beads used in a different project.


Even though I paid super close attention to getting rid of the bubble after the second resin pour, I still ended up with a TON of baby bubbles in this pendant. The strange thing though, I didn’t even notice them until I saw this picture.


To finish off the pendant all I need to do is drill a small hole with my dremil tool and add a small jumpring.



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