More Resin Pendants

While working on the Christmas necklaces I had some left over resin so I tried a few other ideas that I had seen online. I wanted to make myself a pendant that was nothing but glitter.


This pretty pendant was done in two layers like the first ones. After adding a small amount of resin to the bezel, I sprinkled in some Iced Enamels German Glass Glitter. This glitter is chunky and bright and made of real glass shards. I added in quite a bit, but if you look real close I could have added even more to fill in all of the corners. After letting it sit undisturbed for 12 hours I came back in and added another layer of resin to finish it off with a nice dome. After 12 more hours it was ready to be worn!

The last pendant was another idea I got from my hours on Pinterest, using an open back bezel. I used an extra large jump ring that I had left over from the necklaces I made the ladies a few years ago.


To create this you first need a piece of super sticky tape. Some examples show using heavy duty masking tape, while others use Duct tape. We only had clear packing tape here at the house so that’s what I used. I really like the packing tape best because as long as you don’t leave any finger prints or have any mar on the surface, your finished piece will come out perfect. The other tapes have a texture to them that will transfer to the back of your project and will need to be sanded smooth or you will have to paint another layer of resin on the back to cover it.

For this pendant, after adding a bit of resin to the inside of the large jump ring, I sprinkled in just a bit of the Glass Glitter and to give it an extra bit of sparkle a light touch of the Shattered Inclusions in the Opal. This particular pendant was extremely difficult to photograph so you really can’t see the sparkle that well.


Thank you once again for visiting.


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