Flowers – Prima Like Flowers

Adding flowers are a fun way to dress up any paper projects, but to go to the store and pick up flowers for future projects can be a daunting prospect. There are so many types, shapes, colors, and materials to choose from it can really put you off your shopping game. Well, ok maybe that’s just me! But I get so confused I walk out with no flowers in my stash.

Making your own flowers can also be a daunting task as well, but I found a fun little tutorial online late last year for making prima type flowers. (Use your imagination…lol)


What you need:


Scallop circle spellbinder die


Embossing stylist

Mouse pad

Cut your scallop circles with your spellbinder die. Between two scallops, cut in towards to the center of the circle, but not all the way. Repeat this cut between every two scallops.

Using your embossing stylist, draw a line down the center of each double petal. Flip the flower over and with the larger end of the stylist, begin embossing in circles the end of each petal and down to the end.

Now turn the flower back over and with a larger stylist, or in my case with a pen that has a rounded end to it, emboss the center of the flower. You can see in the following picture how the embossing adds shape to the flower petals.


To finish your flowers, glue one or two layers together with your favorite adhesive and then add a center. In the examples above I used buttons colored with Copic markers and an attempt at creating my own pearl center. Not really happy with them, but the entire experiment was just that, an experiment. lol


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