Flowers – cardstock and coffee filters

Late last year I was trying to create my own flowers rather than buying them. Here are a couple more attempts at a few different types.

I started with the only dedicated flower die that I own, the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral Die. Just using the three similar shaped petals I tried different ways to create a flower, starting with the rose shape. All of the flowers were created with scrap paper that I had laying around the craft table, so I’m not sure what it was (and it doesn’t help that I made these last December).


Flower #1 I tried using Tim’s directions to create the rose. The center looks ok, and the bottom petals look all right, but together, in my eyes, it looks like there is a piece missing. To add color, I just dabbed at the finished flower with a sponge dauber with (I believe) fired brick distress ink. It’s pretty, but not perfect in my eyes.

Flower #2 I used a round bottomed pen to add dimension to each of the petals. I placed the shapes on my mouse pad and with the bottom of the pen, went in a circular motion to add shape to the petals. To attach them, I turned every other one upside down and added a Copic colored button to the center.

Flower #3 is just the two smallest petals shaped with the pen technique described above. Simple, but pretty.


Next are two flowers that are just a little more labor intensive and use something other than cardstock.


Flowers #1 & #2 were created with…wait for it…coffee filters. 🙂 Once again, I found the instructions for this on Pintrest, but after spending two days trying to find the link, I sadly cannot. If I remember correctly to create these flowers, you cut an odd number of petals, in my case it was the large flower from the Tattered Florals die. After coloring each piece with Distress inks and drying with the heat gun you fold each piece in half. Starting with a small circle of cardstock, you glue the first petal to half of that circle. Turning the base a quarter turn you glue the next folded petal. Continue turning a quarter turn and gluing the petals down until you have the fullness you desire. Add a center and fluff.

To finish Flower #1 I added a few of the medium sized flowers and then a pearl center that I made with some extra small pearl beads. And for Flower #2, I added a small scrunched flower made from cardstock. I just wanted something to add in there, so I grabbed this small flower.

Here’s a better picture of the flower with the pearl center.


Flower #3 was created with tissue paper. I cut perhaps 8 layers of tissue paper with a scallop spellbinder die. The layers are then stacked and a small brad is used to attach the layers together. You then take each layer starting with the top and scrunch it up. When all the layers are scrunched together, begin “messing” with it to get the look you want.


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