Barn Quilt

There is a fun trend floating around our county called Barn Quilts. Residents and businesses around the area have wooden, painted quilt blocks on their buildings. I’m not sure who is actually creating them, but they are so pretty! Here is a link to the Morgan County Barn Quilts if you would like to take a peek at some of them.

After seeing a number of these around town late last year, hubby and I decided we wanted to create a barn quilt piece for a dear friend of ours as a Christmas gift. As usual, time got away from us and the project never got off the ground. However a month ago, we decided to try again as a 90th birthday gift for this same friend. In the end, we created a 3.5’ x 3.5’ quilt piece, and used the pattern called Father’s Choice.


Here is a picture of it after we attached it to our friends’ barn.


This project was so much fun to create and a touch of pizzazz to this barn.


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