How NOT to Make a Mini Book

I have been having fun attempting all sorts of mini book designs over the last month. This time I am trying to make a mini book using the Stack the Deck binding by Laura Denison from Follow the Paper Trail. The book turned out ok, only after purchasing sturdy envelopes from the local scrapbook store, Impressions by Bird. Last night, after putting my sick son to bed, I went back into the scrap room to put the finishing touches on the pages and put the cover on.

Turns out the process went just a little too smoothly as this morning I looked at the album and almost cried! The paper I used to cover my back spine was cracked in all four corners and the tape was starting to pull up along the front (and eventually back) side of the book.

Here are a few of the sad images.

This first one is lying on its side so you can see how much it popped up on me…


Again, that bulge there on the side is NOT supposed to be there!


And here’s an image of one of the four cracked corners.


I spent most of the morning trying to figure out what I did wrong with this, and it turns out the problem was with my adhesive. Not the type I was using, just the simple face I did not use ENOUGH of it. According to Laura, to prevent the spine cracking, you need a lot of adhesive to help ease all of the stress that is going on when you bend than page at the 90-degree angle. The front pieces? I should have known better, and believe it not, I DO know better.

Here’s a handy dandy little tip for all of you out there….

Do NOT work with paper and adhesives when you are tired…If you do, it is not going to be a case of IF you mess up, it’s only a case of WHEN!



One comment on “How NOT to Make a Mini Book

  1. Louise says:

    I ran across your blog post about cardstock cracking while searching for solutions to exactly the same problem. I am new to making mini albums, so I expect to go through a learning curve. The problem of cracks at the four corners of the spine was very discouraging however.

    I bought the binding tutorial by Cathy of ‘somuchscrap’, and following her instructions for assembling the binding and the hinges helped a lot. I substituted Laura’s ‘stack the deck’ hinges. So far so good with my latest attempt to join cover, spine, and add hinges.

    I also bought some of the linen hinge tape of the same brand shown by Suzy on part 1 of her tutorial. I ran a strip of that down the underside of the cardstock for the spine where the fold would be. That seemed help too and it is not as heavy as the canvas.

    I am using Paper Studio cardstock which seems flimsy. If I attempt to use anything heavier, it cracks terribly.

    Your albums look very professional. You obviously have a talent for this. I would be interested in knowing how you achieve the very expert looking mitered corners on your wrapped covers, if you care to write a post about that. I had to give up wrapping my covers because of the cracking. I paint the chipboard margins now, but I know I will solve these problems eventually. Thank you for your blog and the information you post. Louise

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