Envelope Mini Album – Kathy Orta Style

Over the last week and a half, I have been spending a lot of time on YouTube looking for fun stuff to make. One of the videos I came across was an Envelope Mini Album by Kathy Orta. (Clicking on the video name will take you to the first of five videos in this series.)

After watching it, I knew it was a project I wanted to try, and I wanted to try it with the black envelopes, if for no other reason than to help hide any mistakes I may have made. LOL It took a while to track down a pack of envelopes, but finally after a trip to Michael’s, I came home with the Recollections A7 envelope pack. (You can check out the THIS post about that purchase.) I followed most of Kathy’s sizing directions, but had to make a few tweaks along the way, but I am really happy with the look of this album. The paper pack is Recollections 12 x 12 Habitat paper, which is absolutely Yummy! I had a difficult time cutting this paper knowing most of it would be covered by pictures! I also used a Martha Stewart edge punch throughout the book.

Without further adieu – here is my album.

Front cover:


Inside cover and page 1:


Pages 2 and 3 – as seen when first opening the book:


Pages 2 and 3 again showing the inside of the card insert as well as the large tag:


Pages 4 and 5 with the tags:


Pages 6 and 7:


Pages 8 and 9:


Pages 10 and 11:


Pages 12 and 13:


Pages 14 and 15:


Pages 16 and 17:


Pages 18 and the back inside cover:


As you can see, there is TONS of room for pictures and journaling in this album! Below you can see that behind every photo tag I have in the album, there is a journaling page on the reverse side. I also have smaller journal pages to slip in where ever they are needed or wanted. All of these were created on Word and printed onto white card stock. Some of the smaller pages were dressed up to resemble three ring binder paper, others to look like they came from a spiral notebook.


Here is a picture of all the large tags in the journal:


Here are the dimensions for my large tags (this piece is not to width of course, I was just checking to see how close to the top I wanted the pattern paper):


For the card inserts, Kathy suggests using an envelope that is a little smaller, I believe it was an A6 size. I don’t have any other black envelopes, so I had to improvise a little. I made the double pockets along the same line as the center pocket page. Starting with a piece of 5 ½” x 6” piece of card stock each side was scored at 3/8”, and another score 2 ½” from the bottom to create the second pocket. Adhere the piece to your card making sure to use a bead of glue alone the back side to close the bottom of the pocket.


After getting this glued down, then you can go in to add your pattern paper on all three sections.


Here’s one more little tip that I changed after seeing it on a video. To close up the bottom of large tag pocket, Kathy scored the paper just once. Another crafter said she (And I’m sorry I just don’t remember what video that was on, but GREAT idea!) when she scored the paper, she added an 1/8” gusset for the bottom. This way it allows for the extra thickness of all that cardstock. In the image below you can SORTA see what I’m talking about with the extra thickness.


The material used for the binding of the book is something that scared me the most – Duck Tape! I was pleasantly surprised when it all worked so well though! I only wasted 1 strip of tape and the binding turned out great. Now, because I wasn’t thinking things through far enough when I added front and back covers, I do not have a way to add (and hide) a strip of ribbon to clean up the front of the book. I won’t make that mistake again! However, I may add another little pocket for a gift tag and explanation on how to use the album. That way I can hide the ribbon under that without making the inside look too funky.


Well! That was a super fun project to do! This mini album is a Christmas gift, but I think I will make another one at some point for my wedding pictures.

Thank you, for stopping by and if you make an album like this, please let me know so I can take a peek at it!! I also want to thank Kathy Orta for her amazing creativity!


One comment on “Envelope Mini Album – Kathy Orta Style

  1. Joyce says:

    Leen, what beautiful job! I just bought the videos and tutorial for both the Occasions mini and the folio project.

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