What the…..

OK so this makes absolutely NO sense to me.

I am in the process of making an envelope mini album by Kathy Orta from Paper Phenomenon, and wanted to use black envelopes for the album base as she did. I looked all over this small town that I live in and found not one black envelope. Hubby picked up a pack of them for me from Hobby Lobby but they were basically white envelopes painted black on the outside. Not gonna work.

A week and a half ago I made it to Michael’s and was able to buy the same brand of envelopes/cards that Katy used – Recollections. Well, today I needed to get the cards out of the pack and start using them. Now, the packaging stated I was buying a pack of 10 – 5″x7″ cards and envelopes; however that’s not exactly what I received. When you see the words “cards” what might typically come to mind? Perhaps a piece of 10″x7″ cardstock folded in half to form a 5″x7″ greeting card?? That’s certainly what I think of when I see that. What I found was more like 10 – 5″x7″ pieces of card stock. What the hell???

Now I have to make my own cards, which isn’t such a huge deal, but still, the reason I bought this pack was BECAUSE the cards came with the envelopes. Before I even took this package to the checkout counter, I did open it up enough to ensure the envelopes were black inside and out. I guess next time I need to open it up even more and make sure I have an actual card as well.


It really shouldn’t be this difficult people.


One comment on “What the…..

  1. Amy Mable says:

    I agree.. I just opened mine and came to the same surprised realization. :- /

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