2011 Christmas Gifts for the Ladies

This post is just a little late. LOL I finally found the images of the necklaces I made for all of the ladies in my family last year. I only remember two, maybe three of the necklace recipient pairs; not that it matters much because everyone loved them.

The gift boxes were a pain in the butt to make. I couldn’t find square paper mache boxes, so I ended up with these which hubby painted a gold metallic for me. The inside is filled about half way an almost cut to fit piece of Styrofoam. The top of that has a piece of quilt batting to give it some loft and softness and then it is covered with a piece of satin. If there were any huge holes between the box and the filling, I stuffed some extra batting down to fill it up.

After the necklace was placed inside, I added another piece of quilt batting to the top before putting on the cover and adding the ribbon and tag.

Here are the necklaces…the first I know went to my mom because she wears it all the time!

This necklace I made for my then 4 year-old great niece so she could be just like the rest of the pretty ladies.

I think I gave this next necklace to my sister, because like myself, she loves the color purple. The beads for this necklace and the one above both use Amethyst beads.

I believe this next one went to Linda, my nephew’s fiancé. The center bead is made from shell, and the smaller are just pretty glass beads.

This one went to Linda’s daughter Ashlynn. This necklace also used the pretty glass beads.

This one may have gone to my oldest niece Heidi. The bead is just a really nice deep blue glass bead.

And this one to my youngest niece Holly.

I have no idea what I’ll be giving these ladies for Christmas this year, but last year was fun, with the exception of the boxes…not fun. LOL

As always, thanks so much for dropping by my little corner of the internet!


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