Mix It Up Monday – Holiday Tags

It’s time to grab your crafting supplies for another fun filled Mix It Up Monday challenge, this week hosted by the ever talented Geri. Her challenge to us all is to create something we all need this time of year, Holiday Tags!

Last year I decided to be extremely creative and made tons of different tags using many different techniques. This year, it’s time to KISS – to Keep It Simple Sweetie! I plan to do that not only for the tags, but also for the gift wrapping as well. Rather than buying different rolls of pretty wrapping paper or tons of gift bags that are never the right size, we have decided to purchase brown wrapping paper and add the pretty with ribbons or some DIY bakers twine. This way everyone still has something to “open” rather than just pulling an item from a gift bag.

On to the tags:

Very clean and very simple with enough room down the center of the tag to add the recipients name with the name of the giver written on the back of the tag. These are complete make it yourself tags cut from a piece of kraft paper. The dimensions are 2” x 4 ¼”. To shape the top I used a ½” scrap of the paper to lightly draw a line down from the top and then ½” in from each side. You can see on the pic below how that looks, these lines were accentuated with the help of photoshop so you can see them.

With my paper cutter, I then proceeded to snip off the corners for the typical “tag” look. Rather than try to make a right-in-the-center hole, I just eyeballed it with my 1/8” hole punch. Before moving onto the next step, be sure to erase the pencil lines. I find the white vinyl erasers work best for this as they remove the pencil lead and do not tear the paper in the process.

To create the image I used a snowflake stamp is from a grab bag win from StampTV with Front White ColorBox pigment ink and embossed with white embossing powder.

The string is another try at my DIY bakers twine, this time using size 3 crochet thread from Red Heart. This thicker thread is closer to the original twine found in craft stores versus my original attempt with size 10 thread.

As always, thank you for dropping by, now if only buying the gifts would be as simple as deciding on the wrapping and tags of said gifts. LOL


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