New Blog Header

Wahoooo I created my very own Blog Header, and installed it all by my lonesome!! This week I am taking a free class over at called The Photoshop Top 5 – Essential Techniques. I am learning a lot, re-learning even more, and have the time of my life!

In this five day class, we have learned some fun and particle techniques such as:

  •  Quick tips for editing photos
  •  Placing those photos onto a Digital Scrapbook Quick page
  •  Adding frames and textures to images
  •  How to create a blog header using brushes
  •  How to create a hybrid greeting card

With every Jessica Sprague class that you take, you get tons of freeies and links to some fabulous free fonts, and this class is no exception. Here are a few of the images that’s I created with the help of this class…

Here is an example of an original image straight from the camera and three different adjustments. The first was adjusted for my skin tone, and after doing that I used the hue/saturation to remove the color for a striking black and white image and then I colorized it with a sepia tone.

With this image and one of my hubby, I created this digital quick page by Jessica Sprague.

This next lesson was super fun- using textures and frames. In the lesson we received the following downloadable items:

2 practice images to work with
Vintage yellow paper texture – iStock_000019154955
Dark texture
A colored texture page – iStock_000020383943
Polaroid mask – nrj-poloroidxfer-masks4
Polaroid Transfer Frame

With the help of these items I was able to transform the following images, to what I think are now works of art, suitable for printing and hanging on the wall.

The Denver Capital – Before

The Denver Capital – after

Dragonfly – before

Dragonfly – after

In the fourth lesson, the blog header, we received some fun items to try which included the following items:

JS-PSTOP5BlogHeader – photoshop file with all of the items needed to create the image above.
A link to for the Lobster 1.4 font
pp-kl-lovemyboy-pennant 1-3 – which I did not use in the header above, but may in the future.
JS-BlogHeaderBrushes – brush set
CarinaGardner_border – the image on the bottom of the header.

Here are the other two headers that I didn’t use – yet…

The next header uses the border and pennants in their original color.

All of the pictures on the left of these headers are images I took. The foggy tree and lake was taken in Illinois, the rose was my Peace rose a few years ago, and the poppies (?) are from my last trip to Las Vegas.

We have one more lesson to go in this great class, and after it has been posted, and I’ve had a chance to create the project, I’ll add that here to the post. Until then, if you have ever wanted to play around in Photoshop (either the full version or Elements), or do the basic functions, (which is me), and want to learn more, them pop on over to and sign up for one or all of her classes. You won’t be sorry!

P.S. They have a sale going on right now!!


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