I LOVE Canon and am now a Canon camera user for life!!

A bunch of years ago I purchased a Canon PowershotA95 camera and have loved it’s performance and picture quality. Sometime over the summer however, I would occasionally see a pink slash of color on the cameras screen while setting up a shot. At first this didn’t bother me as the camera is old enough to still have a viewfinder, but when the downloaded images had that same slash of color something had to be done!

The search for a replacement camera was a royal pain in the butt and did not produce anything that I was willing to settle on. A few weeks before Christmas though, George found a possible explanation for the issue online and contacted the Canon Company about it. What he found was: “Canon CCD Sensor Service Advisory”. The problem is faulty wiring with the CCD Image Sensor that could possibly come loose in humid or hot climates

They said that if this was the problem with my camera, then they would fix the camera free of charge, even if it was out of warranty. All we had to do was ship it to them, on their dime, and they would either fix it and ship it back, or contact us with the problem and tell us how much it would cost to either fix it, or ship it back to us.

Over the last two and a half weeks, I would ask George if he had heard from Canon about my camera, and his reply was always the same, “Not yet”. This morning, December 27, 2011, at 10:00am my camera was delivered back to me, good as new! I spent about 30 minutes snapping pictures around the house to make sure it worked, and not once did I see that pink color.

I am SO happy and will now be a Canon camera user for life!!!


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