Washer Pendents

What fun! Who would have thought that you could take a simple washer from the tool chest and turning it into a beautiful and fashionable piece of jewelry? I sure didn’t until I saw it, and tried it myself! SplitCoastStampers’ Try a new technique Monday challenged all of us to try this fun way to make our own jewelry.

The original blog that featured this technique used scrapbook paper the same size as the washer. I love this look, but my circle cutting skills are REALLY lacking! LOL So I decided to try the second option, alcohol inks. Below is what I did to create this fun pendent.

First things first, you must clean the washer with a quick rub of alcohol to wash off any oils that may be on it. These washers were purchased at WalMart for .80 some cents for a pack of 4. They are 1/4″ x 1-1/4″ fender washers found in the hardware sections. Your local hardware store will have many different sizes available to choose from.

Next comes the fun part, choosing which colors to use. This pendent is for my mom, so I chose to use her favorite color green in lettuce, and meadow. Apply the inks to the backside of the pendent and let it dry for a bit.

Apply some VersaMark ink to the pendent.

Then sprinkle with clear embossing powder.

Heat the pendent with your heat gun until the embossing powder melts. With your fingers, sprinkle another thin layer of embossing powder over the pendent and heat to melt again. This finished the backside.

NOTE: The table under the pendent will get VERY VERY hot! When I embossed this pendent, I placed a potholder under my craft mat to help keep the table cooler.

Give the pendent a little bit of time to cool, then turn it over and add ink to the front side and emboss it with a few more layers to achieve the thickness you desire. Once the pendent is cool, there will be some excess melted embossing powder around the outside edge and the center. Simply use your craft knife and cut this away to finish the process.

Here are two finished pendants. The pink one was a learning lesson for me. The little red dots are supposed to be red gems. Well, those cute lil gems are plastic and melted a bit when I heated the embossing powder to set them. LOL OOPS! They still look kinda cute though.

Here is the first necklace I made. To finish it, I looped the cording through the center of the pendent, strung some beads on each side, attached the findings and there ya go!!

After I make a trip to my not so local mega craft store, I’ll show you how I finished the necklace and strung on the beads, I have a fun little tip for you there that I learned from stringing seed beads onto tatting thread for snowflakes.

Have fun, and let’s see your necklace!


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