Holiday Planner

This Holiday season I’m going to try to be more organized so I can sit back and enjoy the holiday’s without too much worry or stress. To help get me organized I altered two manila file folders into this adorable organizer that fits perfectly into the outside pocket of my purse. The link to the directions show using only one folder to make the planner, but I used two so I could add more planner pages to suit my needs. I suppose if you needed, you could also add a third folder if you needed more room for receipts or such…the choice is yours! I also glued the back of the pages together so they form more of a book rather than opening all the way, like it shows in some of the different directions for altered file folders. It just seems easier for me to juggle a book rather than something that would open that wide while at the store. That would just be a disaster waiting to happen! LOL


I found the directions to alter the folders here:  Accordion File Folder


And here is where I found the downloads for the planner pages that fit perfectly:

Pocket Planner Forms








I know I should have used something like “Planner” or “Holiday Planner” on the cover of this, but chances are, I’ll lose it before next year anyway and will be making another one! So 2009 works for me. LOL

The paper is from a Holiday paper pack from Wal-Mart that I purchased about 3 or 4 years ago. I also mounted the calendars in the first pocket onto card stock. They were sort of narrow for that wide pocket and slipped around a lot. To close the planner I used eyelets on the front and back covers and threaded a piece of thin ribbon through them to tie it closed. Maybe next time I’ll just decorate a large binder clip or something to make it easier to work with on the go.

Thanks for stopping by for a look, let me know what you think, and I can’t wait to see your version of the Holiday Planner!!



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