Look! I made a BOOK!!

While taking a much needed break from studying this week, I sat down and made myself a little book. I followed direction that I found on TVWeekly’s Scrapbook Lounge, Make the Grade Book episode. As I was making it, and showing the progress to the hubbster, he kept asking me what I was going to use the book for. My one and only answer (so far) “I dunno.” With a little added shoulder shrug for good measure. LOL

My finished book is about 3 ½ x 5 ½ using some thin scrap pieces of chipboard. I don’t have any bookbinding glue on hand, so I used some Royal Coat decoupage glue that was sitting up on my shelf.

Here are a bunch of images of the finished project, as well as a link to the directions for making a book of your own. Make The Grade

Front cover:


Spine and back cover:




And another inside:


For a first try, I think the whole thing came out pretty darn well! I do need to work on stitching my pages together…they are a little bit sloppy. It either needs tighter stitches, or thicker thread. Well, maybe it could use some lighter weight paper for the inside too. I use some of my Baszzill paper, and that is rather thick. So that’s something to think about for the next time.

Thanks for looking and as always, if you make a book of your own, please let know. I’d love to take a look at it!


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