Get-Well card

I made this get-well card for my best friend Dawn a couple of nights ago. I used a thicker cardstock so I wanted to make it more like a book than trying to fold it into a regular card.

The front and back covers were cut to 4 ½” x 5”. The front cover was scored ½” in from the left edge to create the spine and aid in opening the card. I also punched three holes in the spine starting at ½” from both the top and bottom edge. You can add any number of holes, I chose (at midnight) 3 of them.

The liner paper was cut at 4 ¼” x 4 7/8”. I chose to use one piece and to glue it down, but if you wanted to add more pages you could easily do that and have it look more like a mini album.

The front cover layers were cut at the following dimensions:

Bottom white layer: 4 ¼” square

Middle black layer: 4” square

Top white layer: 3 7/8”

Dawn’s name was cut with the Olivia Cuttlebug font and the stamp was colored with Koh-I-Noor woodless colored pencils and baby oil.

Here’s the detail of the ribbon. In my opinion, the holes are too big for the size ribbon I planned on using. (Another problem when you design a card at midnight after spending all day at school and all evening working on homework.) The ribbon was threaded down from the front to the back in both the top and bottom holes. It was then brought up through the center hole on each side of the front ribbon and tied in with a simple knot.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and look, if you decide to make a card like this, I’d love to see it!


One comment on “Get-Well card

  1. Aymee Gandy says:

    How cute is this! I just love that stamped image! Great job!

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