Colored pencils and baby oil

There has been a lot of talk about a technique using regular colored pencils and OMS (Odorless Mineral Spirits). It’s also been said that alternatives to the OMS are baby oil and Goo Gone. I thought this sounded like a fun technique to try so at first I used my son’s Rose Art pencils and both the baby oil and Goo Gone with a Q-tip. As fun as that experiment was, it didn’t turn out well for the baby oil as you can see below. I used way too much and the oily residue is still spreading today.

With the advice of fellow crafter I bought artist stumps from Taiwan, as well as artist grade colored pencils and gave it another try. First off, the Koh-I-Noor woodless colored pencils are a joy to work with. It’s amazing how easy the color goes down on the paper with these. I highly recommend them!

For this example I used card stock from Georgia Pacific, found at your local Wally World. I also embossed my images first rather than using something like StazOn. As you can see, both images have approximately the same amount of color in the same places.

Using the stumps, dip just the very tip into the product of choice and with a swirling motion move the color around the image. Remember to use just the tip, you don’t need a lot of either product and if using baby oil, you will have a the residue spreading for ever. Trust me on this one!

I need more practice with this technique, but I think the baby oil spreads easier than the Goo Gone for me. No matter what I use, this is a fabulous way to get color onto an image for a card. One day I’d also like to give the OMS a try as I’ve heard that is even better for this technique than the two products I tried here.

Here’s a card made with the baby oil and Koh-I-Noor pencils. I inked around the edges with Creamy Brown, Color Box fluid chalk ink.


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