Let’s Make a Box!

Here’s a cute little box to make to hold your 4” x 4” note cards. The stiffer the cardstock the better for this project so you have a nice sturdy finished box.

To make the bottom of the box, start with a piece of cardstock 6 ½” square. Score 1 inch from each side.

Cut on the score lines as shown below and fold on the score lines

Add adhesive to the small tabs

Secure the tabs to create the box bottom.

To make the box top, start with a piece of cardstock 5 5/8” square and score it ½” from all of the edges. After scoring, decorate the box top however you like. Follow the directions for the box bottom to complete your project.

To make This box that is the perfect size for the 4 ¼” x 5 ½” cards, just like the cards you would find at SheetLoad of Cards site. You will need to start with two pieces of cardstock with the following dimensions:

Box Bottom: 7 ¾” x 6 5/8” with a 1” score all around

Box Top: 6 13/16” x 5 11/16” with a ½” score all around

This will produce a nice tight fitting box and lid. If it’s too tight, extend the dimensions of the box TOP all around by 1/16”. Finish the box as directed for the 4 x 4 box and remember it’s easier to decorate BEFORE you tape it up! 😉


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